Through SSSCR’s Outreach Committee, our philosophy is to educate the public about the potential benefits for stem cell research. SSSCR believes in an opportunity for all students and parents to learn the basics in stem cell research through our chapter structure and online network. We strive to expand our advocacy for stem cell research and serve the community. Through high school presentations and campus-wide activities, SSSCR’s goal to inform the everyday individual of the worldwide positive potential of stem cells becomes one step closer to reality.


Committee Chair: Gillian Kelly



SSSCR’s conference committee is responsible for organizing our annual Stem Cell Conference. Conference committee members are divided into different teams in charge of collective tasks such as (but not limited to) speaker contacting, funding, and advertisement. This year, we aim to improve on our first conference and bring the Bay Area stem cell community a day of stem cell science, advocacy and passion.


We have the pleasure of hosting UC Berkeley’s 4th Annual Stem Cell Conference: Culturing a Stem Cell Community. More information on our conference can be found at: http://outreachcalssscr.wix.com/conference


Committee Chair: Aileen Ho



At most general meetings, members of this committee will present the latest advancements or news about the stem cells field. After the short presentation led by members of this committees, all the members of SSSCR will be able to discuss the implications and technicalities of the presented information. We will host events ranging from patient advocate and research speakers to a pilot Stem Cell Competition!


Committee Chair: Shikhar Dhingra

Email us: ssscr.berkeley@gmail.com