The Student Society for Stem Cell Research was founded in 2003 as an international network focused on advancing stem cell research through three main goals:

  • Increasing communication with the public to help promote understanding and stay up to date on emerging medical revolutions in the field
  • Advocating for patients with debilitating conditions that could be helped by stem cell therapies
  • Growing an infrastructure that provides professional resources and funds to help the next generation of students and scientists advance the field


The UC Berkeley chapter of SSSCR was founded in 2004 to continue to foster stem cell advocacy, outreach, and research in the Bay Area. Through events such as our annual stem cell conference, networking dinner, lecture series, and lab tours, we provide professional development and networking opportunities to our students and enable them to meet fellow scientists and professors in a more personal setting. We also invest our time in outreach at local schools and events including the Bay Area Science Festival. SSSCR Berkeley is grateful to have the support and sponsorship of the Berkeley Stem Cell Center, California Institute of Regenerative Medicine, Americans For Cures, and SSSCR International.



Email us: ssscr.berkeley@gmail.com